Tuesday, July 7, 2015

3 Ways to Wear Dungarees this Summer

It's the nostalgic trend EVERYONE is catching on to: dungarees. Dungarees and playsuits in general, really brings that 90s vibe to any outfit. It is so casual and can make any outfit look a bit more playful and quirky. I've created 3 outfits that include this tricky trend so hopefully you will get an inspiration by these because I know it might be hard to wear dungarees without looking like a toddler.


Diana by bellacharlie

This first outfit is very "90s kid" inspired. It features a Topshop bleach washed pair of dungarees, matched with an off the shoulder Monki striped top (which is sold out), and simple white Superga trainers. I completed the look with a colorful pair of Miu Miu sunglasses. I really like this because it is the perfect outfit for a picnic with friends, a day by the lake, or a walk in the park. It is extremely casual and youthful, which is perfect for summer. 


Moment by bellacharlie

This next outfit features black dungarees and a gingham bardot crop top, which are both from Topshop. I included a pair of Ray-Ban light brown sunglasses and all white dainty Converse sneakers. I am obsessed with monochrome at the moment; its simple and sleek style is just perfect any time of the year. Although it is summer and black and white outfits might not be everybody's cup of tea, you could always add some color by replacing the white converse for a pale pink pair, or paint your nails a more vibrant and summery shade. In my previous blogpost, I explained my dislike for bright nails and my love for more muted shades, but in an all black and white outfit, colorful nails are a wonderful alternative to my usual subtlety. 

My Everything

My Everything by bellacharlie 

This last outfit is definitely more of an occasional outfit. This could be worn for a night out with friends or a fancy dinner. This look still has the casualness the dungarees portrays though which I love. I used the same black dungarees as the one I used in my previous outfit and a silk button-down crop top from Topshop Unique. I used a stunning pair of sparkly loafers by Chiara Ferrangi. All of the shoes she designs are so quirky and eccentric but in the most wonderful way possible. I made a whole collection dedicated to my favorite statement shoes created by her. Anyways back to the topic, I used really pretty Thierry Lasry sunglasses that matches the color theme of this outfit. Lastly I opted for a simple white crossbody bag from CHLOE, which is sold out everywhere unfortunately. I went for white because this outfit might seem quite dark and heavy and a white bag adds a bit of lightness and airiness to the outfit.

How will you style dungarees? Xx

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