Thursday, July 23, 2015

5 Coral Lipsticks for This Summer

I know that July is near coming to an end and that means summer is coming to an end also! August kind of ruins my mood because of how stressed out I feel in comparison to the cool aura I have during the summer months. I haven't made a blogpost on this yet (typical procrastinating Bella) and I feel like I really should because coral lipsticks are definitely go-to color for this time of year. I chose 5 different lipsticks, with a mix of high-end products for those of you who enjoy a splurge, and drugstore products for those of you who are more budget tight when it comes to buying things. 

5 Coral Lipsticks
The first lipstick is from the ever-famous MAC, and it is in the color Morange. This is definitely very orangey and has a nice in between balance between a pinkish coral and an orange coral.
The next one is a very high-end product which is the YSL Rogue Pur Couture Lipstick in the color 52 Rosy Coral. This color is, without a doubt completely coral and looks so sweet to wear with a nice white sundress.
The next is a hydrating lipstick from Sisley in the color L11. This is a totally subtle orange shade and not as coral-ish as the ones before. I still really like this shade because it is the perfect transitional shade for summer to autumn.
These next two are drugstore lipsticks which are more economical friendly. The first one is a very bright red-orange color by Rimmel Kate Moss in 110. Although this is not as much of a coral color you might like, this would look very pretty to put together any summer outfit and make it pop more.
The last lipstick is by Topshop and it is in a really pretty color called Macaroon. This is a more pale pinkish coral color like the YSL one I talked about previously.

Also, I would not like to forget to include where this adorable makeup bag is from. This bag is in a coral and cream color with the caption "LIPSTICK" printed across. This is from Forever 21 and I'll add a link later so you could buy it if you would like. And it's less than 7 bucks! Winner!

What's your go-to summer shade?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Product Review

About a month ago, I was contacted by a website called, asking me to promote their products via my Polyvore account. I looked through their website and instantly thought all of the clothes looked so cute and stylish. I was a bit weary though, because the site originates in China and many of the items they had to offer were fairly cheap. I decided to agree to collaborate with them and they were nice enough to let me pick out clothing items of my choice. 
I picked out 3 different pieces and I am going to give you a completely honest review.

Women Stylish O-neck Short Sleeve Loose with a Bow Decoration Personality Solid Casual Chiffon T-shirt
Price: $7.71
Rating: 7.5/10
This first one is a sailor type of shirt. I fell in love with it when I saw how lightweight and doll-like it looked. When I took it out of the packaging, I saw how it wasn't exactly a light chiffon as stated on the website. The material definitely wasn't my favorite and the threads were coming undone only after a couple hours after wear. It was also slightly small but that's very common, as it is from an Asian clothing website and their clothes tend to run small.

New Women Doll Neck Chiffon Blouse Sleeveless Shirt Wear To Work Shirt 2 Colors     New Women Doll Neck Chiffon Blouse Sleeveless Shirt Wear To Work Shirt 2 Colors
Price: $6.10
Rating: 5/10
The next things I got were these adorable sleeveless peter pan collar tops with a sheer swiss dotted fabric. I ordered one in black and another one in white. I didn't like this one as much as the first one and was fairly disappointed in this purchase. First off, the material is incredibly see-through and thin, you would have to wear a camisole underneath to prevent flashing anyone.The arm holes were also extremely tight. It runs very small so I would suggest buying 2 sizes bigger than you normally would wear. I am usually a US size 4, so I ordered an Asian size medium. I felt like this would've fit a 5 year old. The silhouette also wasn't very figure flattering at all and just kind of looked frumpy and sad. 

Overall, I would say you get what you pay for. The clothes were really pretty but it's definitely not a boutique kind of shop. I would say, don't expect anything too over the top. But if you like cute, cheap clothing I think you would enjoy shopping here. Also, customer service is amazing and super helpful. So, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact them.

All opinions stated here are my own. I was not paid by to make this blogpost.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

3 Ways to Wear Dungarees this Summer

It's the nostalgic trend EVERYONE is catching on to: dungarees. Dungarees and playsuits in general, really brings that 90s vibe to any outfit. It is so casual and can make any outfit look a bit more playful and quirky. I've created 3 outfits that include this tricky trend so hopefully you will get an inspiration by these because I know it might be hard to wear dungarees without looking like a toddler.


Diana by bellacharlie

This first outfit is very "90s kid" inspired. It features a Topshop bleach washed pair of dungarees, matched with an off the shoulder Monki striped top (which is sold out), and simple white Superga trainers. I completed the look with a colorful pair of Miu Miu sunglasses. I really like this because it is the perfect outfit for a picnic with friends, a day by the lake, or a walk in the park. It is extremely casual and youthful, which is perfect for summer. 


Moment by bellacharlie

This next outfit features black dungarees and a gingham bardot crop top, which are both from Topshop. I included a pair of Ray-Ban light brown sunglasses and all white dainty Converse sneakers. I am obsessed with monochrome at the moment; its simple and sleek style is just perfect any time of the year. Although it is summer and black and white outfits might not be everybody's cup of tea, you could always add some color by replacing the white converse for a pale pink pair, or paint your nails a more vibrant and summery shade. In my previous blogpost, I explained my dislike for bright nails and my love for more muted shades, but in an all black and white outfit, colorful nails are a wonderful alternative to my usual subtlety. 

My Everything

My Everything by bellacharlie 

This last outfit is definitely more of an occasional outfit. This could be worn for a night out with friends or a fancy dinner. This look still has the casualness the dungarees portrays though which I love. I used the same black dungarees as the one I used in my previous outfit and a silk button-down crop top from Topshop Unique. I used a stunning pair of sparkly loafers by Chiara Ferrangi. All of the shoes she designs are so quirky and eccentric but in the most wonderful way possible. I made a whole collection dedicated to my favorite statement shoes created by her. Anyways back to the topic, I used really pretty Thierry Lasry sunglasses that matches the color theme of this outfit. Lastly I opted for a simple white crossbody bag from CHLOE, which is sold out everywhere unfortunately. I went for white because this outfit might seem quite dark and heavy and a white bag adds a bit of lightness and airiness to the outfit.

How will you style dungarees? Xx

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Topshop Candy Colored Nails

Well first off, Happy Fourth of July! I hope you are having a wonderful Independence Day if you live in America, and if not I hope you are having a nice day wherever you live.

On with the blogpost 

 Personally, I tend to like pastel shades rather than bright ones on nails. I know that since it's July, most people are using bright summery shades, but some people like me don't really care for intense and vibrant nails. I decided to make an inspirational set for those who don't usually go for bright shades this time of year and like more of the muted or subtle nail colors. This set is inspired by the color tones of marshmallows, and the lightweight airiness marshmallows portray. I chose to stick with three main shades.

From left to right

Topshop Candy Colored Nails

Topshop Candy Colored Nails by bellacharlie 

The first two shades I mentioned are unfortunately sold out at the time of writing which makes me really sad. But you can still buy similar shades like this basically anywhere.