Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My dad

This is sort of a late Father's day post but I needed to write this because it needs to be said. 
My father is amazing and it kills me that I don't show enough of my appreciation and love towards him. He's always there for me when I need him, and he's always good for advice and company. He's not always home; he has work in another state and comes home every 2 months or so. I miss him everyday and sometimes I will admit, I feel like I get used to being alone without him. It's awful that I'm so comfortable with that but I know that there is always a missing piece to our family when he's not around. He's not the perfect father; he has his flaws, he knows when he's done something wrong, or when he makes a huge mistake and won't own up to it, but he tries his hardest. He tries to be the best dad a daughter could ask for. If you ask me, my sister, and my half siblings, we would all tell you that our dad is the most caring and determined father we could ever ask for. He's always there even during the rants I have, and when I stress him out and be quite the handful, but he never gives up. It's easy for him to just walk away and say "I can't do it anymore" but he doesn't because he's strong. I admire him for that. 
This past year, he's become sick and has been hospitalized a few times. He's getting surgery and I pray that everything will be alright and soon he'll be healthy again. I love him to the moon and back.

A quick note: To all of you who have their father with them, I suggest you go and hug him and tell him how much he means to you. Even if he's not living with you, pull out your phone right away and spend just a few minutes, or even hours, talking to him and cherishing every moment you have with him.

-Bella Xx

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beach Bag Essentials

I know in most places across America, summer break has already started and what better way to celebrate than a summer getaway to the beach? I love the beach; the waves, the crisp fresh air, the sand between my toes, it's all very relaxing and comforting. I've made a fashion/beauty set on what I would pack in my beach bag.


Sacrifice by bellacharlie featuring VIPP

Well first you'll need a beach bag, I picked one from Jack Wills which is sold out, but their site has a variety of different beach totes you could choose from (I recommend the Lesterton Bag, Billington Tote, and Honlington Totes as wonderful beach bags).
Next a lightweight coverup is always a must just in case it gets chilly while you are in your bikini or swimsuit. You could use lightweight dresses too as an alternative but I went for a cute ruffled playsuit that I am in love with.
Sandals to compliment your cool and fresh attire always do the job. 
A white towel for after your swims in the ocean.You could always opt for the colorful beach towels instead, but I went for classy and simple.

Now for the little accessories that are needed on your long and romantic beach walks:

  • Bobby pins to pull your hair back during breezy beach days, the ones I chose are sold out but you can always purchase some from literally any fashion or beauty store.
  • A brush (or brush set) and neutral muted blush so you could touch up by doing fresh and simple makeup after the day is over and it's time for a night out. 
  • A texture hairspray so you could do your hair in gorgeous and bouncy beach waves with the surfer girl appeal.
  • Facial sunscreen and sunscreen in general so you won't end up looking like a fish stick at the end of the day.
  • A lip balm with spf because who wants chappy, burnt lips on the perfect summer day.
  • Breath mints for after the delicious fish tacos you ate for lunch (and trust me you will want to eat fish tacos by the seaside, I guarantee it)
  • And of course if you are going on summer holiday/vacation you're going to need to update your phone case and change it into an adorable summery one with the cutest sayings. Here are some other options: this blueish case from Nordstrom Rack with the saying "You are my sunshine my only sunshine" , this Kate Spade case with the saying "The world is your oyster", this ridiculously adorable Juicy Couture case with the saying, "Beach don't kill my vibe", this case from Society 6 with the saying, "Hope anchors the soul"