Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jumpers for Spring

I know that Winter is over and I am utterly devestated, (Winter fashion has always been my favorite) and Spring/Summer is here to stay for the next few months. One of my favorite Spring/Winter crossover clothing item are the light jumpers. When it's too hot to wear heavy overcoats and boyfriend coats but still a bit windy and chilly, jumpers are perfect. As usual, I will show you guys 3 different outfits which I put together with the featured trend; in this case jumpers.

Firefly Catching Days

The first one is called Firefly Catching Days, inspired by Taylor Swift's song Innocent. This set captures the childish and naive nature a lot of us like to show through how we act, what we wear, or how we talk. I included key pieces that are a must in every child's closet (and every inner child's closet). These include of course a printed ice cream jumper by Wildfox, a kind of off-white colored sneakers by Converse, frilly shorts, lace trim socks by Topshop, and pink round sunglasses by Wildfox.


The second was is called Messenger, with the satchel as the key component of this set. I especially made this set for all the girls out there with pink hair. The shade of pink I included in the Polaroid compliments this outfit perfectly. This set features items such as, a bow-printed jumper from Wildfox, a satchel from the wonderfully famous Cambrige Satchel Company, Dolce and Gabbana gingham shorts, and Saint Laurent loafers.


My last outfit, and perhaps my favorite out of the three is called Infinite. When I was making this outfit, I immediately thought of the show title, Orange is the New Black. And I know that the show has nothing to do with fashion and Spring trends, but I think the color orange can indeed be the new black. These colors pair together to perfection. Items featured in this set include a cropped jumper by Tibi, a pair of patterned shorts by Stella McCartney, black loafers by Dune Lexus, and a bright orange clutch by Saint Laurent. 

Do you have a favorite Spring jumper? Xx

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  1. Sometimes the weather doesn't match up with the date, so having some summer sweaters on hand is smart! These sets look great. I especially love the print mixing in the last set <3



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