Sunday, March 29, 2015

Denim Jackets for Spring

I have grown an intense obsession this season for denim jackets. They are absolutely perfect for when it's sunny but still a little windy and chilly. I made 3 sets including this Spring staple, and it's inevitable for me to make more outfits with denim jackets from now on. 


Needing by bellacharlie featuring a topshop nail polish
My first outfit is called Needing, and I got inspired by one of my favorite songs, This Love by Taylor Swift. It's on her 1989 album and it is absolutely AMAZING. One line on this song especially caught my eye; "When you're young you just run, but you come back to what you need. Seriously pure genius. I included a Spring trend that is really popular this season, denim on denim. Items featured in this outfit include a denim top by Marc Jacobs, a denim jacket by Topshop, floral shorts by A.L.C., slip-on sneakers by Open Ceremony, sunglasses by Monki, and a scalloped clutch by BCBG. 

Remember Me
                                       Remember Me by bellacharlie featuring open toe flat sandals
My second outfit called Remember Me is also inspired by Taylor's song This Love, revolves around a different line, "Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset." This outfit captures the chastity and purity This Love truly captures. This outfit features simple items such as a white dress featured on the Harper's Bazaar website, a denim jacket by Acne Studios, sandals by asos, the same white sunglasses by Monki I used in my first set, and a scalloped clutch by Kate Spade. 

Lola by bellacharlie featuring a square neck top
My final set called Lola is inspired by How You Get the Girl by Taylor Swift and includes a tricky Spring trend, mixing patterns. When I created this set, I had in mind the youthfulness Taylor displays in many of her songs. My inspiration for this set can be relatable to many girls like Taylor; girls who are strong, hopeful, and without a doubt loves to have fun. Even though they've been heartbroken, they still keep in mind that they are young and have a long life ahead of them which includes unexpected events and adventures. This set really captures the daringness of someone who isn't afraid to color outside the lines and experiment with fun prints and pieces. Items featured in this outfit include, a striped crop top by Topshop, floral shorts by Boutique, a denim jacket by Topshop, black sneakers by Converse, and sunglasses by Marc Jacobs.  

From denim jackets to floral shorts, what is your favorite Spring staple? Xx

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