Saturday, April 25, 2015

The First Collaboration Project: Fevrie Fashion

A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from an independent fashion brand called Fevrie. If you are not aware of Fevrie, it is basically a fashion brand with a style that comes from Californian roots and inspired by the luxury of French culture. Their pieces are really bohemian inspired (just think of Coachella trends, and that is basically Fevrie's overall style.) They carry clothing items, as well as jewelry, accessories, and swimwear.

A social media coordinator from Fevrie told me that they were interested in working with me to promote their company and I was completely flattered and shocked that I even got an offering. I told them that I would be honored collaborating with them because a) I would love for their brand to get more recognition because their clothing items are really lovely, b) this can be a potential start to my fashion career, c) working with different brands can really give me an insight on different trends and styles around the country and perhaps even the world.
They were extremely lovely enough to send an item of my choice to me. I chose the "Quilted Queen Jacket" because of its sophisticated and simple silhouette and look. 
Product Review: This jacket is cropped so it can be worn with pretty much everything. It has a boxy silhouette for more of a mod and office chic look. It is very thick and cozy, perfect for autumnal months but not exactly a go-to jacket for the Spring/Summer season. 

Buy this, and other products at and use the discount code BELLACHARLIE for 25% off your total purchase.
This offer ends May 31, 2015

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