Saturday, October 17, 2015


Ever since I was seven years old, I've always dreamed of creating my own fashion website where I could show and sell people the type of clothes I would wear. I used to draw endless amounts of layouts and outfits I would put together for my website. I went through an evolution of store names (as every indecisive seven year old would do); "Starella" (since my name is Bella and I thought I was quite clever for putting star in front of my name), "Charmed" (because I've always been into romantic things and Cinderella was definitely one of my top five favorite films), "Kid Inc." (because I was sure that I would and could be a kid fashion designer if I put my heart and soul into doing what I love), and "Bella" (because logically I thought if I was going to make it big in the fashion world, people are going to have to know my name). I even had a font of how I would write my store names because I thought "If I'm going to make my store one-of-a-kind, it's inevitable for me to come up with my own signature font." 

On August 20 of 2015, my dreams were coming true.

I was contacted by an e-commerce platform called "Brick and Portal". They had told me that they've seen my Polyvore account and loved my sense of style. They offered me a job to be one of their entrepreneurs on the website. They said that I could make my own online store, on my own website url, and a percentage of all sales go to me. I was completely flattered! The people at Brick and Portal informed me that they were launching sometime in the fall so for about two months I was excited and on edge. I checked my email daily, about ten times a day, to see if there was any news for me. 
I opened up my online store "MOONLIGHT" about two weeks ago, and in my store, are the outfits that I dreamed of creating when I was seven years old. "MOONLIGHT" would appeal to the "romantic daydreamer". I got inspired by the song, "Tattooed Heart", and one line in particular caught my eye:

"And kiss me underneath the moonlight"
As simple as it is, this line is the epitome of what my store is all about.
Feminine, flirty, and romantic.

Checkout my website now if you'd like to see more!

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